What people have been saying

Just a few of the comments we have had from people after working with me at Embrace Your Mind
Shaun was excellent at helping me free myself of a self restricting belief I had, which was causing me to hold myself back from succeeding and completing the goals I wanted for myself in my life.
Shaun’s use of language was simply incredible, he knew just the right thing to say, to guide me toward a belief that has been empowering and life changing..

Paula – Basildon

Where Shaun helped me, Ive always been a bag of nerves and Shaun just stuck in there with me, helping me to change that feeling into laughter he is amazing. He also let me see how an excepting, understanding, non judgemental and laid back kind of person he truely is.. that in turn helped me trust people again.
Thank you.

Kim – Enfield

Before working with Shaun, I struggled for some direction in my life. Shaun helped me get back on the right path and I have the motivation to set myself some big goals for the future, which I know I’m going to achieve.

Shaun – St Albans

When I came to Shaun the anxiety I had was affecting my work and I was really concerned about losing my job. After one session with Shaun the problem was gone and I felt brilliant about myself and the future.

Brian – St Albans

After doing some work with Shaun, I’ve totally got rid of my procrastination to the point where I now have the confidence to make life changing decisions without hesitation, whereas before I’d make all kinds of excuses as to why i was not able to. He is a master of language and problems just seems to dissolve within minutes of simply talking to him. Highly recommended to anyone looking for real lasting change and results.

Mark – Enfield

I used to go into a supermarket and when paying at the checkout notice the gossip magazines and without thinking buy one, then get home and wonder why I had bought it. With Shaun’s help I can now ignore the magazines and only go home with the items I wanted to buy.

Debbie – St Albans

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