Flappy & Whiskers – Go to the park

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Flappy & Whiskers – Go to the Park

Written by Shaun Phillips 2010

Flappy the penguin & Whiskers the sea-lion, were going for a day out at the new playground in Wetlands park. It was so new it had only been finished last week and they were both excited at being some of the first to try out the new rides. Just as they were about to leave home to go to the park it started to rain. Now I know you are wondering and it’s good to wonder, surely penguins and seal-lions like the rain. They both knew that if the rides were wet they might slide off and hurt themselves.
So Flappy & Whiskers thought about what they were going to do instead while they waited for the rain to stop. Flappy didn’t like waiting he preferred to be kept busy doing things that were lots of fun.
Whiskers noticed some bits of cardboard that were going to be recycled and started thinking about what she could make. Flappy said “I wish we had a playground at home”. “That’s it” Whiskers cried. “We can make playground for our toys to use with this cardboard”.
“That’s a great idea” said Flappy “, I will get the glue and scissors”. “Make sure you ask before you take them” Whiskers called after him. Flappy wasn’t listening, as he was so excited about making the playground. When Flappy came back he was carrying some scissors, some sticky tape and a bottle of what looked like glue. As they started to glue bits of cardboard together they noticed there was something strange about the glue, it wasn’t sticky in fact it
was slippery. “This looks like washing up liquid” Whiskers said to Flappy. “Did you ask before you borrowed it”. Flappy didn’t answer, instead he picked up the scissors, sticky tape & washing up liquid and went to get the glue. After a few minutes he returned with the tape, scissors & the correct glue bottle”. He then puffed up his chest and said very importantly “We are allowed to use them as long as we are careful, use them properly and tidy up afterwards”. They then spent the rest of the morning making their playground.
After they had some lunch the sun had come out and dried up all the rain. Hooray shouted Flappy and rushed off to get his coat. Now I know what you are thinking, penguins don’t wear coats and you are right, except they do in this story.
Flappy & Whiskers set off for the park, both were very excited, especially Flappy, who was just about to run across the road when Whiskers called out “Stop”. Flappy stopped and looked along the road to a car was coming towards them, so they waited until the car had gone and crossed the road safely.
Now they were at the gates of the park, only to find the park keeper Mr Walrus looking very puzzled. “What are you doing, Mr Walrus” Whiskers asked. “I seem to be missing some pieces for one of the rides and I have lost the instructions on how to put it together” said Mr Walrus “. “So I won’t be able to open the park until it is finished”. “Oh no” said Flappy and Whiskers together. “Wait a minute” Whiskers said to Mr Walrus, “Flappy and I are very good at making things especially playgrounds”. Flappy grinned. Mr Walrus smiled, “Any help would be very much appreciated he said”. So Flappy & Whiskers set off in different directions to look for the pieces of the ride. Before too long Flappy came across a funny looking ride that
was on the floor of the playground, it was a long shiny piece of metal with side that curved up. He sat in and found he could move up and down on his bottom and decided this was his very own special ride.
After a while he decided he should start looking for the missing parts again so he got up and set off again. He then found Whiskers looking at two long pieces of wood connected with lots of smaller pieces of wood?
What’s that” Flappy asked. “I think it is a ladder” said Whiskers. Flappy started to think maybe his special ride was one of the missing pieces. It couldn’t be he thought, it’s my special ride. At that moment Mr Walrus was wandering as he did, over to Flappy & Whiskers and he asked how they were getting on. “We have only find one piece” said Whiskers.
“Oh dear, it looks like we won’t be opening today then” said Mr Walrus, as he wandered off again. Whiskers turned to speak to Flappy only to find he had disappeared.
A few minutes later Flappy returned with his special ride. He wanted to keep it all for himself and he knew that there was so much more fun to be had when everyone used it. “What is that for” asked Whiskers. “I think it goes with your ladder to make a slide” replied Flappy. “Great thinking Flappy” said Whiskers. Together they put the slide together. They had just finished when Mr Walrus returned.
“Well Well Well” said Mr Walrus, “You kids really are good at making things”. “I think Flappy should have first go” said Whiskers”. “Good idea” said Mr Walrus, “I will go and let the other kids in to have some fun”.
Flappy & Whiskers had a great time playing at the park with their friends. By the time they had finished they were feeling very tired indeed, so they went home and slept until the morning, when it was time for get up for school.

The End

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