Chilled out is my new default state

On June 28, 2010, in NLP, St Albans, by EmbraceYourMind

It is safe to say before doing the pre-course study and attending the NLP practitioner course I used to get pretty stressed and would lose my temper.
During the pre-course study I got rid of Anger, which meant I felt calmer and then after the extra therapy in the practitioner course I was totally chilled.
In fact when I returned home the evening of the last day, I had never felt so chilled out and relaxed in my entire life, at that point I decided this was going to be my new default state and it feels great.

This is the great thing about NLP, it helps you get to the places you want to be and enables you to feeling in the state of mind you want to be when you want to be.
If you are wondering and it is good to wonder whether we can help with your problems, then remember this, you have everything to lose you no longer want or need and everything to gain.

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